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Autodesk BIM 360 Glue

Autodesk® BIM 360™ Glue customization capability allows third party application developers to interface with BIM 360 Glue platform. The SDK consists of two components:

  • Web Services API - is a data access API that will allow third party developers to access the various data objects within the BIM 360 Glue Platform. Data objects include, such as Users, Projects, and Models. With this API, a developer can easily integrate external applications, such as project management systems, accounting systems and custom developed solutions.
  • Display Component - is an embeddable viewer and the easiest way for a third party to show 3D models from the BIM 360 Glue Platform within their own custom developed web application. There will be several documented parameters that will control the various BIM 360 Glue application controls on the display.



Access to the Glue platform through the API requires a special developer account in addition to the active Glue user account. To license Glue developer account, first join ADN at