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AutoCAD® software provides a flexible development platform for specialized design and drafting applications. Its open architecture enables you to customize AutoCAD to suit your unique purposes. Examples of customizations include Autodesk’s industry-specific design software and thousands of add-on applications from members of the Autodesk® Developer Network.

AutoCAD provides the ObjectARX® programming environment with the object-oriented C++ programming interfaces, the managed AutoCAD .NET API, the complete Visual LISP® development environment and the ActiveX® interface.  

My First AutoCAD Plug-in:

Video: Overview of My First AutoCAD Plug-in Guide
"My First Plug-in" is a self-paced tutorial guide for a smooth introduction into the programming world. This is a "one-stop shop" learning path for users who know Autodesk products but are absolutely new to programming and are thinking about taking the plunge. In this guide, you will be working with the AutoCAD .NET Application Programming Interface (API) and the Visual Basic .NET programming language to create a ‘plug-in’ – a module that loads into AutoCAD to extend its functionality. Once you have finished this tutorial, you will understand the basics of .NET programming and how they are applied to AutoCAD.

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Discussion Groups
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AutoCAD Customization


Autodesk Exchange Apps for AutoCAD: Easily extend the power of AutoCAD using apps created for the end user community.

Cloud Computing: Find out how to develop and integrate Cloud Computing (Software as a Service) solutions with your AutoCAD plug-in application.


Visit DevTV section of AutoCAD DevBlog for self-paced video tutorials on AutoCAD customization.



The AutoCAD developer documentation explains the components that make up the available APIs for AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products.


ObjectARX Wizards

AutoCAD .NET Wizards for AutoCAD 2015 for Visual Studio 2012

ObjectARX 2015 Wizard (zip - 626Kb)

AutoCAD .NET Wizards for AutoCAD 2014 for Visual Studio 2012

ObjectARX 2014 Wizard (zip - 626Kb)

The ObjectARX Wizards for AutoCAD 2013 for Visual Studio 2010

ObjectARX 2013 Wizard (zip - 264Kb)

The ObjectARX Wizards for AutoCAD 2012 now support Visual Studio 2010 in addition to Visual Studio 2008

ObjectARX 2012 Wizard (zip - 3903Kb)

AutoCAD .NET Wizards

AutoCAD .NET Wizards for AutoCAD 2015 for Visual Studio 2012

AutoCAD 2015 DotNet Wizards (zip - 557Kb)

AutoCAD .NET Wizards for AutoCAD 2014 for Visual Studio 2012

AutoCAD 2014 DotNet Wizards (zip - 357Kb)

AutoCAD .NET Wizards for AutoCAD 2013 for Visual Studio 2010

AutoCAD 2013 DotNet Wizards (zip - 486Kb)

AutoCAD .NET Wizards for AutoCAD 2010-2012

AutoCAD 2010-2012 DotNet Wizards (zip - 6866Kb)

Training and Support

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