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Autodesk Inventor. Easy to Use. Easy to Learn. Hard to Beat.

3D CAD & Product Design Made Easier

Breakthroughs in part modeling and assembly design usher in a new era of dramatically easier-to-use, easier to learn product design tools. Reuse 2D DWG™ files to build 3D models. Intelligently work with and edit 3D data for most CAD file formats. Sketch freely with dynamic input and automatic dimensioning. Create and modify your 3D designs with easy push-pull direct manipulation modeling.

Integrate Industrial Design Workflows
Autodesk Inventor software features integrated industrial design tools that can help you easily and quickly explore the shape, form, and aesthetics of your product design. Create complex organic forms without ever leaving the core mechanical design environment.

Validate and Visualize
Validate and optimize your product design with some of the easiest-to-use simulation software tools on the market—tools that truly guide you through the simulation process. And with jaw-dropping, near photorealistic visualization capabilities integrated directly within the design environment, you can share spectacular product design representations to improve design communication with suppliers, partners, and customers.

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Autodesk Solution for Digital Prototyping

Join Autodesk Technical Evangelist Rob Cohee for a series of videos showing how Autodesk® Inventor® software is setting a new standard for 3D modeling ease of use.

  • Design-focused user experience (1:03 min.)
  • Conceptualizing from concept to modeling
    to design (1:25 min.)
  • Communicating 3D CAD data (2:09 min.)
  • Easier to use design and engineering
    tools (2:22 min.)

Autodesk® Inventor® Fusion software was designed from the ground up with a single purpose in mind: ease of use. It offers a simplified user interface for viewing and editing 3D data. This paper explores how Inventor Fusion revolutionizes 3D CAD by resolving two of the biggest roadblocks to its adoption: ease of use and interoperability.

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