Certified Hardware

Autodesk Smoke Hardware Certification FAQ

Important: Consumer level cards (Radeon and GeForce) are parts of a system that has been certified by Apple and subsequently tested by Autodesk. Autodesk therefore supports the use of it for this specific software product. Any issue found shall be reported directly to Autodesk or Apple .

1. Where can I find pre-2012 certification results?

You can find certification results for prior releases of Autodesk® Smoke® software at the Smoke Certified Hardware link.

2. What version of Mac OS X does Autodesk use in the Smoke graphics certification process?

Smoke 2012 graphics certification testing was done using Mac OS® X v.10.6.6 unless otherwise specified. Autodesk recommends that you use the same operating system version that was tested with the graphics hardware. A newer version does not always provide the best support.

3. How can I tell what version of Mac OS X my system is running?

To find out what version of Mac OS X is installed on your system, select "About This Mac" in the Apple menu. The general operating system version number is just below the logo; for example: Version 10.5.8.

To find the build number for that version, click Version. The version number will display the build number; for example, build 9L30. (You may need to refer to the Apple Support site to identify your system.)

Note:  Occasionally, Apple releases slightly different versions that have the same version number, but display different build numbers. These slightly different versions may behave differently. You may need to determine the build number in order to correctly identify the OS version.

4. Are Intel integrated graphics systems Recommended or Certified for use with Smoke 2012?

At this time, Autodesk does not conduct graphics certification testing on Apple® computers with integrated Intel® GMA 950 or GMA x3100 graphics hardware. As a result, these integrated graphics systems are not Recommended or Certified.

5. Are custom Mac OS X vendor drivers Recommended or Certified for use with Smoke 2012?

At this time, Autodesk conducts graphics certification testing only with the official Apple default drivers that are included with a particular version of the Mac OS (for example: 10.6.6). Drivers acquired by any other means, such as directly from a graphics vendor, have not been tested and therefore are not Recommended or Certified.

6. How do I tell which driver is installed on my Mac OS X system?

To verify the video driver version installed on your Mac OS X system, open a Finder window and navigate to /System/Library/Extensions/(vendor extension file). With this file selected, Ctrl-click to select Get Info to view the version information.

For example, to identify the version of the video driver installed for the NVIDIA® GeForce® FX 8800 Ultra, select the /System/Library/Extensions/NVDANV50Hals.kext file and then Ctrl-click and select Get Info.

7. How can I contact Autodesk’s Hardware Certification group to report a problem with Recommended or Certified graphics hardware?

To report problems directly to the Hardware Certification group, use the Report a Problem form.

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