Certified Hardware

Autodesk Revit Hardware Certification FAQ

1. What products does the Revit graphics hardware testing cover?

Autodesk Product Family





Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit LT

2. How do I check to see if Revit is using hardware acceleration?

In Autodesk Revit, click File tab > Options, and make sure the check box for Use Hardware Acceleration (Direct3D) is selected.

  • 2018.1 and later: This option is on the Hardware tab.
  • 2018 and earlier:  This option is on the Graphics tab.
  • 3. Can I set Revit software applications to use hardware acceleration manually if my graphics hardware is not listed?

    Yes, if your graphics hardware can support some of the 3D display features in Revit, you can turn on hardware acceleration. Graphics hardware supporting Shader Model version 3.1 is the minimum requirement to enable the hardware acceleration option.

    To turn on hardware acceleration in Revit, click File tab > Options and select the Use Hardware Acceleration (Direct3D) check box.

  • 2018.1 and later: This option is on the Hardware tab.
  • 2018 and earlier:  This option is on the Graphics tab.
  • 4. Where does the list of tested graphics hardware and drivers reside?

    The xml file contains the list of graphics hardware and drivers that have been tested to work with Revit.

    The AdskHardwareCertificationReport.xml is in the Autodesk Revit Programs folder.

    5. How do I obtain the latest version of the xml file?

    Right-click the link below to download the latest xml file and save it to the Revit Programs folder.

    Revit Current Version > Revit 2011

    AdskHardwareCertificationReport.xml (xml - 519Kb)
    (Version 2017.11.30)

    Revit 2011:

    ocareport.xml (xml - 226Kb)
    (July 18, 2011 - Version

    6. How do I locate graphics warning messages?

    All graphics warning messages are located in the Revit Options dialog. To check whether your graphics hardware may cause display issues in Revit, click File tab > Options, and open the following tab:

  • 2018.1 and later: Hardware tab
  • 2018 and earlier: Graphics tab
  • 7. What do certified, incompatible and untested status mean?


    This status will appear when your video card and driver version has passed certification testing and the result has been added to the AdskHardwareCertificationReport.xml file.


    This status will appear when the video card and/or driver is known to cause graphics problems or loss of functionality in Revit.

    It is recommended that the video card be updated to a card that supports Pixel Shader 3.1 or above.


    This status displays when Autodesk has no information confirming tests were performed with this video card and driver combination using this version of Revit. The card may or may not have issues. You can check the Supported Hardware page for more information on testing in past releases and testing results with other driver versions.

  • The card will report as “Untested” if it was tested in a past Revit release but not in the current release.  
  • The card will report as “Untested” if it was tested in the current Revit Release but with a different driver version.
  • If you experience display performance problems or visual issues, please try installing a current driver, upgrade to card that was tested for use with Revit, or turn off Hardware Acceleration.