Certified Hardware

AutoCAD Hardware Certification FAQ

1. What products does the AutoCAD graphics hardware certification cover?

Autodesk Product Family 20162015 2014 20132012
AutoCAD® Architecture
AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
AutoCAD® ecscad
AutoCAD® Electrical
AutoCAD® LT Civil Suite
AutoCAD® LT Flexible License
AutoCAD® Map 3D
AutoCAD® Mechanical
AutoCAD® Plant 3D
AutoCAD® Raster Design
AutoCAD® Structural Detailing
AutoCAD® Utility Design
Autodesk® Advance Concrete
Autodesk® Advance Steel

2. How do I check to see if AutoCAD is using hardware acceleration?

In AutoCAD, enter GRAPHICSCONFIG at the command line. In the Graphics Performance dialog box (shown here), see whether Hardware Acceleration is on. The Graphics Performance dialog box also indicates the display features that are supported by your graphics hardware.

3. Can I set AutoCAD to use hardware acceleration manually if my graphics hardware is not listed?

Yes, if your graphics hardware can support some of the display features in AutoCAD, you can turn on hardware acceleration.

In AutoCAD, enter GRAPHICSCONFIG in the command line. In the Graphics Performance dialog box, turn on Hardware Acceleration.

4. How do I find my driver version?

You can view information about your graphics hardware driver in the Tuner Log. In AutoCAD, enter GRAPHICSCONFIG at the command line. In the Graphics Performance dialog box, click the Tuner Log button.

5. How do I update my Hardware Certification XML file and my graphics hardware driver in AutoCAD?

By default, AutoCAD automatically checks for certification updates. If a newer file is available, it will be downloaded and installed in your system.

To disable automatic checking of certification updates in AutoCAD, enter OPTIONS in the command line. In the Options dialog box, System tab, clear Automatically Check for Certification Update.

6. Why can’t I install and launch AutoCAD for Mac? I use the Windows version of AutoCAD in Boot Camp or Parallels with no problem.

AutoCAD is a very graphics-intensive program, and requires certain effects that not all graphics hardware can support. Because AutoCAD for Mac does not have its own software renderer, it relies more heavily on the graphics hardware than the Windows version of AutoCAD. Some graphics hardware may be capable of running AutoCAD but not adequate for use with AutoCAD for Mac. If the AutoCAD for Mac installer detects inadequate graphics hardware, it blocks installation of the software.