Customer Briefing Program

Customer Briefing Program

We would like to invite you, as a valued customer or partner, to participate in the Autodesk® Customer Briefing Program. We’ll start with a tailored, highly focused agenda that addresses your unique business challenges and needs in the context of today’s market.

As our guest, you can expect to:

  • Build relationships with Autodesk executives and product management teams
  • Transform your relationship with Autodesk from vendor to partner
  • Gain an understanding of our 3-5 year plans that may impact your own strategic development
  • Gain access to information under a nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Share your unique business issues, and let us help you gain a competitive advantage

Customer Briefing Program Event Offerings

In addition to one-on-one briefings, the briefing program also offers other events:

  • Technical briefings
  • Multi-customer summits
  • Industry summits
  • Partner briefings
  • Partner-led briefings
  • Docent-led gallery tours

Schedule a Visit

Contact your Autodesk sales representative or Autodesk partner to schedule a visit.