Employer Discount for Autodesk Assistance Program and Education Community Graduates

Employer Discount for Autodesk Assistance Program and Education Community Graduates

Autodesk is happy to announce a new program that aims to provide a competitive advantage to displaced design and engineering professionals participating in the Autodesk Assistance Program. The program will also benefit graduating members of the Education Community, who are have an education license of Autodesk® Inventor® software, and are currently entering the workforce.

Autodesk Assistance Program

The Autodesk Assistance Program is designed to help displaced employees, from the manufacturing community and other industries that Autodesk serves, to update their skill sets in a down economy. Autodesk and partners will provide Autodesk training opportunities to qualified program participants, including student licenses of software, online training, classroom training through participating partners, and discounts for certification programs.

As an extension of the Autodesk Assistance Program, the Employer Discount Program provides discounts on new licenses of Autodesk Inventor and other Autodesk products to employers that may hire members of the Autodesk Assistance Program. The program also enables Autodesk Assistance Program members who need a commercial license of software to perform work.

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Graduating Student Transition Program

The Autodesk Education Community has a pool of over 30,000 students graduating in mechanical engineering fields, skilled in Autodesk® technology, and heading into the commercial manufacturing industry.

Since today’s economic challenges have impacted our manufacturing customers, Autodesk has launched a graduating student transition program that will provide commercial customers with up to an 85 percent discount off of the then current price on the Autodesk® Inventor® Professional Suite when hiring from the pool of students skilled in Autodesk technology. Graduating members of the Autodesk Education Community come prepared with a competitive advantage for new employers--technical know-how and readiness for the marketplace.

Students will also be eligible to upgrade their student license to a full commercial license for a discounted price upon graduating.

Click here for more info about the Autodesk Education Community, or contact your local reseller to take advantage of this program.

Software Discounts for Employers in Manufacturing

Whether you’re starting a new firm or looking for efficiencies in your existing operation, Autodesk wants to help you gain an edge by hiring skilled graduates and saving on advanced design software.

Companies that hire Autodesk Assistance Program participants or graduating members of the Autodesk Education Community can benefit from the extensive training resources. Companies may also receive a discount of up to 85% for new commercial licenses of AutoCAD® Inventor® Suite or AutoCAD® Inventor® Professional Suite.

Contact your local Autodesk Authorized Reseller to find out more.

Software discounts are also available for other select Autodesk® products such as AutoCAD®, Autodesk® Revit® Architecture, AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software and select Media and Entertainment products as part of the Employer Discount Program. Contact your local reseller for more information.