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Routed Systems Design with Autodesk Inventor

Routed Systems Design with Autodesk Inventor

Streamline Routed Systems Design

Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical CAD software can help to streamline the design of routed systems, including tube, pipe, cable, and harness runs.

Reduce Design Time
Designing routed elements—including tubing, piping, and flexible hose—has never been easier. Autodesk Inventor's rules-based routing tools select the appropriate fittings, allowing you to easily change to a different style of fittings. Inventor will repopulate the pipe run with the new fittings while adhering to any new design rules.

Take the Complexity Out of Complex Electrical Systems Designs
Complex electrical systems require increasingly careful design of the physical cables and harnesses. Inventor allows you to incorporate cable and harness runs into your digital prototypes to enable accurate calculations, avoid small radius bends, and help ensure electrical components fit into the mechanical assembly before ever manufacturing.

Leverage the Best Integrated Tools
Validate your design with the comprehensive wire list information imported from schematic design packages, including AutoCAD® Electrical software. Full integration with the bill of materials tools in Inventor means that your BOMs accurately represent the electrical components in your design.

Benchmark Report
In a recent study  by TechniCom Group, Inventor was found to outperform the competition in the design of routed systems, including tube, pipe, cable, and harness runs.

See How Customers Are Using Autodesk Inventor

View cable and wire harness design software demo 


Cable & Harness Design Demo 
Maintain electrical design intent and reduce errors by importing wire lists directly from Autodesk® Electrical® software or other schematic design applications. Autodesk® Inventor® software wires up all the connectors in your digital prototype using the connectivity data in the imported wire list. (Video: 1:39 min.)

View tube and 3D piping design software demo

Tube & Pipe Design Demo
See how you can be certain your pipe runs, rigid tubing, and flexible hose will fit properly by creating a routed systems digital prototype to provide accurate manufacturing documentation. (Video: 1:13 min.)

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