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Dedicated Sheet Metal Design Environment with Autodesk Inventor

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See how you can use the Autodesk Inventor digital prototype to simplify the design of complex sheet metal parts. (Video: 1:32 min.)

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See how you can use Inventor as a sheet metal parts design solution.

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Sheet Metal Design with Autodesk Inventor

With a dedicated sheet metal design environment, Autodesk® Inventor® 3D mechanical design software includes a comprehensive set of tools to help you rapidly design, document, and manufacture complex sheet metal products.

Accelerate Design with Style and Accuracy
With Autodesk Inventor you can generate flat patterns that accurately reflect your manufacturing capabilities and speed the design of sheet metal parts with complex flanges using intelligent 3D models, while creating accurate digital prototypes that include roll-formed parts. You can also efficiently design parts for uses that require press-brake or die-form techniques.

Create. Simplify. Optimize.
Quickly create accurate manufacturing drawings to support sheet metal manufacturing operations. Simplify the inclusion of punches, cuts, fillets, chamfers, and extrusions that span sheet metal bend plates. Optimize flat patterns to reduce costs.

Maximize Your Efficiency
Define your own sheet metal punch libraries to standardize punch usage and reduce computer numerical control (CNC) tooling costs. Quickly insert specialized sheet metal fasteners into sheet metal designs. Eliminate effort spent cleaning up DXF™ files for CNC machining.

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