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AutoCAD and DWG Interoperability

AutoCAD and DWG Interoperability with Autodesk Inventor

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Save time and money by safely reusing your existing DWG™ designs in a 3D design environment. Autodesk® Inventor® software delivers leading integration of 2D and 3D design through direct read and write of DWG with full associatively to the 3D design data so there is no risk of inaccurate translations. (Video: 2:15 min.)

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See engineering 2D and 3D workflows, how design changes are automatically adapted, how to simply update and improve older designs, and more. (Video: 9:37)

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Inventor Leads in Interoperability

Autodesk Inventor software makes it easy for AutoCAD users to experience the benefits of Digital Prototyping with reduced training time, AutoCAD-compatible shortcuts, cursor-based prompts, and command redo functionality.

Read and Create DWG Files
Seamlessly leverage your AutoCAD data without worrying about translation errors, fidelity, or lost work. Inventor can read and create both 2D and 3D DWG files, enabling you to maintain the digital continuity of some of your most important assets—your ideas.

Interoperability with AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD, and AutoCAD LT
Open 2D DWG files created from Inventor models and add annotations, view, measure, and print those files as if they were created as an AutoCAD DWG. Business systems and processes that rely on DWG files for nonengineering-related tasks are able to utilize the Inventor DWG files just as easily.

Use AutoCAD Blocks in Either 3D or 2D Space
With Multi-Body modeling, Inventor users can quickly convert an AutoCAD block into a 3D model. Within the 2D space, use the AutoCAD Block import tool to browse the AutoCAD Block library in a familiar interface so that you can select the exact block you are looking for from your library.

Benchmark Report
According to a recent benchmark report by Technicom, Autodesk® Inventor® scored higher than the competition in every single category related to interoperability.

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