Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate

The Autodesk® Product Design Suite Ultimate offers a design workflow toolset that helps educators teach Digital Prototyping and product data management to aspiring designers and mechanical engineers. With Autodesk® Inventor® software at its core, the suite provides students the same complete set of design, engineering, visualization, and simulation tools used by world-class product designers and manufacturers. Students can now also access Autodesk® Simulation 360 cloud-based services that enable them to complete multiple complex simulations simultaneously anywhere, anytime.


  • Gives students the tools to design, visualize, and simulate their coursework as they learn to predict how their designs will perform under real-world conditions.
  • Features Autodesk® Vault Basic software, which enables students to manage coursework and lab assignments in the same way they will be expected to manage their workflows in the industry.
  • Provides educators and students with a comprehensive and flexible set of tools to extend collaboration within and across disciplines, bringing consistency to learning outcomes and educating students in the way the industry operates.
  • Provides faster computations and simulations in the cloud, which can reduce the number of hours spent waiting in a computer lab.

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The following curriculum development materials support the Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate: