Guide to Sustainable Design for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Guide to Sustainable Design for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

The world is changing, the economy is changing, and your practice is changing. Autodesk is here to help you manage these challenges and take advantage of growing opportunities in green building design and energy-efficient building renovation and retrofit.

Many firms are looking for the best way to integrate building information modeling (BIM) technology with sustainable design and analysis tools for new construction and renovation projects. This easy-to-follow Autodesk Sustainable Design Guide illustrates green building principles and technologies for every phase of the project life cycle.

You will learn:

  • What decisions impact the sustainability of your project
  • When to make those decisions
  • What tools and information you need to make better informed decisions

Making decisions early in the design process can help deliver significant results in the efficient use of energy, water, materials, and land in a final project realization. This guide will help you to better understand critical decisions and the steps it takes to meet targets for energy and water efficiency, achieve cost savings, and minimize overall impact on the environment.

It is time to build better, so let’s get started. Explore each project phase for opportunities to create and deliver more sustainable projects.