Customer Involvement Program


Why Participate?

Your participation in the CIP helps Autodesk build a product that better meets your needs. By analyzing trends and patterns in software usage, we can optimize current product features, make positive changes for future releases, and better measure product performance and quality. Understanding how our customers apply Autodesk software in the real world helps us make sound product-development decisions going forward.

How the CIP Works

The CIP collects product-usage and customer-system data and sends it electronically to Autodesk. We then analyze the data and produce reports on a range of technical and business topics, from ways to improve product performance to determining the best position for Autodesk product suites in the marketplace.

Without interrupting the participating customer, the CIP collects up to 100 K of data daily.

This information could include

  • Total hours product is in use
  • Product commands used
  • Hardware configurations, such as CPU type, memory, and input devices
  • Adjacent Autodesk products installed and used

This data could help Autodesk determine

  • Necessary video cards to support
  • Operating systems to use for testing the software
  • Percentage of customers finding and using new or enhanced product features
  • Bundled-software components customers use most
  • Autodesk products customers use most often on the same machine