Whether you are new to design software or are an intermediate or advanced user, Autodesk offers training to meet your needs. With step-by-step, intuitive instruction, our tools to learn are designed to eliminate difficulties and work for you.

    Authorized Training Centers
    In addition to our Instructor Development seminars, Autodesk offers in-depth multiday training through our authorized Autodesk Training Centers (ATC®). More than 1,100 ATC sites worldwide meet the needs of educators and design professionals for discipline-specific, locally based training. ATC training providers are authorized by Autodesk to deliver hands-on, instructor-led training to educators and design professionals using Autodesk software, and are recognized by Autodesk for their rigorous standards of excellence. Already an ATC? Consider embeding our ATC badge to showcase your reputable credentials.

    The Media & Entertainment Product Training Program is a global network of training centers. The network is designed to train educators and professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge of Autodesk Media and Entertainment software tools.