Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Vista Compatibility

Support for Microsoft Office Applications & Direct3D

Autodesk is committed to delivering solutions that provide the functionality our customers require for the Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows® Vista, or Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems, and to expanding customers’ efficiency and cost savings during the collaborative design process.*

Autodesk Products and Windows 7

Most Autodesk 2011 and 2010 products are compatible with the Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. See the list of 2011 and 2010 products that have been tested and are confirmed as working correctly on Microsoft® Windows® 7 operating system. Autodesk Product Support will provide its best effort to assist customers who have issues with products that have not been tested.

Search the support Knowledge Base for more detailed information on Windows 7 support, including system requirements, for a particular Autodesk product.

Autodesk Products and Windows Vista

Autodesk has worked closely with Microsoft to provide a significantly improved user experience based on our signature AutoCAD® software by incorporating Windows Vista features, including:

  • Data string search, thumbnail sketch, and advanced security features
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 2007
  • Support for Direct3D®, Version 10

Support for Microsoft Direct3D APIs

Autodesk’s applications feature built-in support for the Microsoft® Direct3D® application programming interface, which helps you maximize your work in the Windows Vista environment. No other design software currently available matches Autodesk’s level of Direct3D support.

32-Bit Versus 64-Bit

The 2008 version of AutoCAD is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise; AutoCAD LT® 2008 is compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows Vista. Autodesk has also issued service pack updates for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2007, offering 32-bit support for Windows Vista.

* This document contains statements regarding planned or future development efforts for Autodesk’s existing or new products and services. These statements are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products, services, or features but are merely reflections of our current plans, which may change. Autodesk assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect any change in circumstances, after the statements are made.

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