Quick Start Guide

This guide shows you how to quickly get started using your
software and benefits; whether you have a subscription or a maintenance plan.

Step 1: Sign in to account and set up users

It only takes a few minutes to activate your account and confirm your profile to ensure all contact information is correct.

Sign in to Autodesk Account
Autodesk will send you—the Contract Manager--a get started email with your login and password. For help signing in, view Autodesk Account Sign In. If you are not the right person to be the Contract Manager, please view Changing your Contract Manager.

Confirm your profile
It is critical to review all information in your account profile to ensure you receive your benefits and important ongoing communications related to your subscription. To view and edit your profile, view Editing your Autodesk Account Profile.

Set up Users
It is important to setup users to access benefits and Software Coordinators to help manage your account. To learn how, view Managing Users & Permissions.

Step 2: Access your software and benefits

Discover how to easily download software, access licensing rights, and request support.

Access Your Benefits
Contract Managers and designated Software Coordinators and Users can access product releases, technical support, and selected cloud services. Contract Managers and Software Coordinators can also request Previous Version, Home Use and Global Travel Rights. To learn more, view the following tutorials:

Step 3: Manage your licenses and benefits

Contract Managers and designated Software Coordinators have access to administrative tools and reports to manage licenses, users, and benefits. To learn more, view the following tutorials:

  • Sign into Autodesk Account
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  • Understanding Roles

    Contract Manager (CM) — the primary contact for managing your contract with Autodesk. CMs have access to administrative tools and reports and can also set up Software Coordinators (SC) and other users.

    Software Coordinator (SC) — a person assigned by the Contract Manager (CM) who assists in the management of the Autodesk Contract(s). SCs are emailed notifications to order or download new product releases, updates and extensions. SCs have access to the same administrative tools and reports as CMs.

    User — any person designated by a Contract Manager (CM) or Software Coordinator (SC) to access benefits.

  • Resources
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