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Plastic Product Design with Autodesk Inventor

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See how Autodesk® Inventor® mechanical CAD software is the only software for plastic product design that combines revolutionary Alias industrial design functionality, the best integrated simulation tools, and industry-leading Moldflow injection molding simulation technology. (Video: 2:43 min.)

Translate industrial designs into manufacturable plastic products and retain the flexibility to incorporate ongoing revisions. Work directly with exterior surface data and import surfaces created by industrial designers.

Best Integrated Simulation Tools
Save time and money by validating plastic product and mold designs before manufacturing. Only Inventor offers Autodesk® Moldflow® injection molding simulation tools directly in your design environment.

Complex Tool Creation Made Simple
Rapidly design your complete injection mold using Inventor's automated engineering tools and mold base library. Patch openings, generate runoff/shutoff surfaces, and produce documentation—automatically.

Tear Down the Walls
Collaborate with industrial designers better than ever before. Autodesk® Alias Design® for Inventor® provides industrial design tools to explore shape and form without leaving the mechanical design environment.

Benchmark Report
In a recent study by TechniCom Group, Inventor was found to be significantly better for plastic part design.

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Find out how Autodesk Inventor can transform your plastic product design processes. (Video: 10:07 min.)

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See how Autodesk Inventor can increase your product quality, decrease tooling errors, accelerate development, and reduce your reliance on costly physical prototypes—confidently.

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See how Inventor can take your plastic product design beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping.

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