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Autodesk MotionBuilder Open Reality software development kit (C++ SDK) and the Python® scripting language allow you to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, as well as extend and create features within the Autodesk MotionBuilder environment. Read more...



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Samples and Documentation:

DevTV: Introduction to MotionBuilder  OpenReality SDK Programming
A self-paced video tutorial demonstrating how to get started with MotionBuilder programming in C++.

English: Part1: Download
English: Part2: Download
Samples: Download

MotionBuilder SDK Training Webcast Archive
A complete SDKtraining on developing plug-ins for MotionBuilder based on Python (but applies to C++ as well):

English: Download
Training material: Download

Tools & Documentation archives

The MotionBuilder SDK is included in every MotionBuilder release.

Decide what language is right for you  Decide what language is right for you (pdf - 263Kb)
Not sure what programming language to dive into for MotionBuilder, check out this helpful guide!

Getting Started with Programming in MotionBuilder  Getting Started with Programming in MotionBuilder (pdf - 258Kb)
This introduction, navigates you around some of simpler aspects that you don’t want to spend too much time on!

Learn about Pre-Visualization Python Tools to get you started
This video gives you a good look into real life scenarios where Python can help your pipeline be more efficient.

Featured OpenReality SDK Code Sample  Setting gap keys (zip - 108Kb)
Learn how to set a key inside a gap on an optical marker model and then position the value (once InsertControlKey keys a default value.

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