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Autodesk DWF Toolkit

  • License and Download for DWF Toolkit 7.7
    License and Download info for the Autodesk DWF Toolkit.
  • Autodesk DWF Toolkit 7 (release candidate)
    The DWF Toolkit 7 allows you to develop applications that read or write multi-sheet 2D or 3D drawings in DWF format.
  • Autodesk DWF Toolkit 7.5 (release)
    The newest version of the DWF™ Toolkit 7. 5 provides APIs for reading and writing 3D DWF from any application, simplified 2D interfaces, supports composite DWF files (3D and 2D combined) and cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux).This includes 32-bit and 64-bit environment support. It includes C++ source code for reading and writing DWF files. This version of the toolkit handles DWF files generated by AutoCAD 2008(when released) and other Autodesk design software.