Guide to Sustainable Design for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

New Construction

  • Requirements Development
    Environmental building design begins with the gathering of requirements. Learn how design decisions impact land, materials, water, and energy efficiency and lead to more sustainable designs.
  • Conceptualization
    During the conceptual design phase, consider alternative concepts for the project to achieve sustainable design requirements and minimize environmental impact.
  • Detailed Design
    Decide on final design and optimize site, materials, structure, and system details for sustainable use. Use BIM to conduct analysis and inform a common understanding of design intent.
  • Implementation Documentation
    During the implementation documentation phase, plan for optimal material use and minimal site disruption during construction for more sustainable designs.
  • Construction
    Optimize material and equipment use and minimize site disruption during construction to deliver more sustainable projects with minimal impact on land and natural hydrology.
  • Operate & Maintain
    Explore sustainable design principles for commissioning, operating and maintaining cost-effective, energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure.